Light bulbs light up darkness, phones connect people, TVs and radios broadcast culture, and washing machines and refrigerators enrich our lives in various other ways.
Electronics are essential parts of our everyday lives in modern society, and it is not exaggerating to say that electricity and electronics industry forms the backbone of our lives.
Through innovations, from the discovery of electricity to the latest smartphones, the electronics industry has added new value to our lives. Samsung Innovation Museum exhibits the history and the future of such innovations brought by the electronics industry. That is also why it is named Innovation Museum.
Our lives have improved as great inventors and numerous electronics companies continued to introduce new technologies and products to the world through endless research and innovation. The invention of the radio and TV led to the development of mass media, and the communication and computing technologies revolutionized the generation, distribution and consumption of information. Like this, the electronics industry provides the foundation for the development of our civilization, and its history is a record of our challenge and desire for new value.

In three Halls – Era of Inventors, Era of Corporate Innovation, and Era of Creation – Samsung Innovation Museum shows not only the history of the electronics industry but the achievements that Samsung Electronics has made in the IT industry with its leading semi-conductor, display and mobile technologies. At the end of the tour, we hope you understand our commitment to a prosperous future founded on the true meaning and value of innovation. We hope that Samsung Innovation Museum helps you learn about the history of the electronics industry and discover the meaning of innovation.​​

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Source: Samsung Innovation Museum

We would like to thank Prof.Boojong Kim and The Board of Directors of Marketers ‘s Society of Korea (MASOK) had kindly arranged our visiting to Samsung Innovation Museum on last Sept 2016. And it is from the great inspirations and experiences…we would like to Introduce Samsung Innovation Museum to the CSR Universe, the Education & Science for Development.
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