CSR Activities in Vietnam

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility was first introduced widely in Vietnam in recent years through various activities of international NGOs and multinational companies. It is […]

CSR Award 2016

AmCham honored its members’ best corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs at a ceremony presided over by United States Ambassador Ted Osius on November 30. Twenty-two member […]

Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility in ASEAN

Tiến sỹ AKP Mochtan, Phó Tổng thư ký ASEAN phát biểu tại hội thảo. (Ảnh: Đỗ Quyên/Vietnam+) Theo phóng viên TTXVN tại Jakarta, ngày 24/11, Ban […]

The relationship between CSR and financial performance

This study was written as a bachelor thesis during the authors’ final semester of the marketing program at the Linnaeus University in Vaxjo, Sweden. The authors […]

Share The Most Powerful Public Interest Ads That You Know

Your Words Have Power. Use Them Wisely. Hands Not Thumbs   They Kill Our Children   Environmental Murder   Stop The Women Abuse!   Deforestation Kills […]

Samsung Names 10 Public Schools National Finalists in $2 Million* Solve for Tomorrow Contest

Students from across the U.S. head to New York City to compete for a spot at the top in Samsung’s Annual STEAM Learning Contest Submitted by:Samsung […]

We Already Have A Solution To Climate Change, And It Doesn’t Rely On The Government

How can climate change be solved without the use of government? originally appeared on Quora: the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people […]

How do you build a smart city? Japanese town shows the way

What is a smart city? This is an oft-discussed topic ever since the Modi government announced the “100 smart cities mission”. While there is no universally […]