Shan Shui

From Environment Pollution Protection Foundation - China

Walk For Green

In 2009, China surpassed US and became the largest automobile market in the world. The historical car sales reflected that more and more Chinese people prefer driving over walking. The China Environmental Protection Foundation worried about the phenomenon and wanted a dynamic public service campaign that would encourage people to walk and doing their bit for the environment. An interactive outdoor advertisement was created: "More Walking, Less Driving. Let's Create a Greener Environment Together".

Earth FM

Throughout history, people's voices have had the power to create change. But today, it is our planet that needs a voice. We knew that world leaders were meeting in one place for the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen. Our goal was to give people of all nationalities and social standing a voice, and in doing so, create one united voice for the planet. Our solution was EARTH FM " A global radio broadcast which invited people to record a voice message for world leaders about climate change, which would be broadcast for world leaders to hear at the Copenhagen Summit. As an idea for the people, Earth Fm was spread by the people through social media as well as media coverage, with thousands of voices from around the world uniting as one collective voice for the planet.

Water Pollution

Hong Kong CleanUp